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FR 22 (I) Clause (a) (1) : What says FR22(I)(a)(1) Rule..?

FR 22 (I) Clause (a) (1) : What says FR22(I)(a)(1) Rule..?

FR 22 (I) Clause (a) (1) deal with fixation of pay of a Government employee holding a non tenure post in a substantive or temporary or officiating capacity on promotion / appointment in a substantive or temporary of officiating capacity to a higher post.

As per sub-para of Clause (a) (1) to FR 22 (I), a Government servant promoted to a higher post on regular basis is given an option  for fixation of his pay on the higher post as under:-

(a) Either his initial pay may be fixed in the higher post on the basis of Clause (a) (1)  of FR 22 (I) straightway from the date of promotion without any further review on accrual of increment in the pay scale of the lower post; or
(b) His pay on promotion may initially be fixed of the time-scale  of the new post above  the in the lower post from which he is promoted, which may be refixed in accordance with Clause (a) (1) of FR 22 (I) on the date of accrual of next increment/on the date of accrual of stagnation increments in the time-scale of the pay of the lower post.

The option should be exercised by the Government servant within one month from the date of promotion.  This option is not available in the cases of appointment of deputation to an ex cadre post, or to a post on ad-hoc basis or  on direct recruitment basis.  However, in cases where an ad-hoc promotion is followed by regular appointment without break, the option is admissible as from the date of initial promotion which should be exercised within one month from the date of such regular appointment.

Note:- In the order promoting the  Government servant, it should be mentioned that he has to exercise the option within one month and that option once exercised is final.

2.    In the event of the officer refusing promotion even after the above concession become available, he would be debarred from promotion for a period of one year. 

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