‘Dearness Allowance’ is not only for Central Government employees..!

Dearness Allowance is not only for Central Government employees..!

It is a practice which has been followed till now that once in six months, according to the price index ,the rate of DA is being granted in the month of march and September for Government servants. It is not only now, the interest to know the rate of dearness allowance granted twice in a year has been there for the past several years.

Even before 20 years , the Government servants used to buy the monthly called ‘Swamy’s News’ eagerly and share the things they read in the book with others and debated on it.

Now it is quit natural that people forget the periodicals, monthly magazines that brings last month’s issues in this modern world in which information technology developed a lot and people have the facility to know the facts in and around the world immediately and share their thoughts through social media.

It is not right thinking that DA is a matter belongs to only the Central Government employees those who are around 80 Lakhs including Pensioners. Actually they are the reference points for entire state government employees and pensioners except very few states and their numerical strength may be beyond crores. Whatever the rate of DA offered for central government employees, the state governments have no other go than to follow it.

The announcement on Dearness Allowance expected by central and state government employees and pensioners has been getting delayed is making unnecessary embracement. It is believed that not happened like this before.

Let us hope that there will not be further delay and it will be announced in next cabinet meeting positively.


  1. It is so heard that at the time of congress led Government headed by Indira Gandhi< Employees moved to Supreme Court & SC had given direction that DA should be paid within 100 day from the date of due. On the same line pay commissions might had accepted for release of DA for January with the salary of March & July with September. This may be contempt of SC guidelines. I having no documentary evidence for the above view. The position may checked through CG employees union associations etc.


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